Why is it worthwhile to produce an online video?

In the current private sector, which is mostly caracterized as being overfilled, it is of utmost importance, what our customers think about us. Effective communication and the gaining of personal confidence is the only way to catch the attention of our clients, keeping in mind that the text and photo contents of most of the web pages are not enough to convince. Everybody is seeking for the PLAY button with their eyes and click on it immediately.

I would like to share some important fact with You, which support the most effective transmitter role of the video nowadays and in the future as well, so that it has a determining significance among the communication devices of the FUTURE.

Let the numbers speak!

Ratio of online videos

Until 2018, the ratio of online videos among the full internet-based data transfer will be expected to increase up to 79 percent (Source: Cisco)

Number of video users

The online video will be the fastest developing service of the public internet use. The number of video-users is expected to increase from 1.2 billion to 1.9 billion between 2013 and 2018, which corresponds a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10 percent.

YouTube attendance

More than 1 billion individual user attends YouTube monthly (Source: YouTube)

Average video view count

More than 6 billion hour long videos are being watched every month on YouTube, moreover, all the people on the Earth, for almost one hour long (Source: YouTube)

A few years ago, the production of any kind of films or videos used to cost heavy millions, therefore only large companies  could afford motion picture based marketing campaigns. Nowadays, however, thanks to the technical development, excellent quality films can be made from very low budget. The most obvious reason, that makes videos seductive, that they are able to transmit personality, and easily make even hardly understandable things plain, so the confidence of people can be soon gained.

Today this is not an unaffordable device anymore, but a basic requirement, which offers universally available, easy-to-use, substantive communication solutions. This is one of those types of communication, whose production requires low costs, however, can be a good investment. Success is guaranteed, and this is proven by the results of the online view records.

What is a good online video like?

It is important to point out that, in case of online videos, do not think about Hollywood films. It has to do nothing with those terrible costs, this film production has other criteria. It can be estabilished with a low budget, and the secret of success is a good idea, one single day for shooting, a good quality videocamera, some basic lighting, one or two well-prepared professionals, who produce a video from the shot frames, and the FILM has come true.

Simple, fast, transparent, without overcomplication.

About us


Our company completes video marketing and communication tasks for small and medium-sized entreprises by providing expertise. The goal of our team consisting of versatile specialists is to help our partners get closer to peak-quality, but reasonably priced video solutions.

We believe in simplicity and naturalness. We are a true creative community, where our clients are of primary importance, and with our work we produce permanent and stabile marketing device for them, which substantially helps their enterprise succeed.

Video package prices

    150.000 HUF+VAT
    • Counselling
    • 1 day for shooting
    • maximum 1-3 minutes of material – solely live recording
    • transfer within the area of Budapest
    • 1 camera-man
    • 1 technician
    • professional Full HD videocamera, light, audio
    • cutting
    • basic subtitling
    • using the studio
    250.000 HUF+VAT
    • Counselling
    • 1 day for shooting
    • max. 1-3 minutes of material + max. 15 sec. of animation
    • transfer within the area of Budapest
    • 1 camera-man, 1 technician
    • professional Full HD videocamera, light, audio
    • cutting
    • 2d animator
    • basic subtitling
    • using the studio
    350.000 HUF+VAT
    • Counselling
    • max. 1 minutes animation
    • based on the brief
    • graphical planning
    • storyboard
    • 2d animation
    • basic subtitling
    • narrator
    • using the studio
    • FULL-HD resolution

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Tamás Sávai


András Makovinyi

  • post-production leader

Mihály Tóth

  • lyricist

Ferenc Tóth

  • art director

Viktor Kőműves

  • sales manager

Erika Nagy

  • office manager



Tamás Sávai

Hung Média Kft.

1012 Budapest, Kuny Domokos u. 9.

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